Another great news from Czech Republic!!!

In this weekend, DIABLO Theogonia Black take a part in Vth Memorial of Jitka Hromadova, which consists three competitions- water, field and forest exams, where Diablo reached 565/568 points, diploma Ist degree and 3rd place (there was 24 entered dogs)!!
Diablo is after ebony Aghra Theogonia and Ataman Duma Kazana!
Thanks to Zuzana Nedavašková for great picture!

National Dog Show in Będzin (PL):

It was first show of our EL VIENTO Theogonia Black and great start of his winners. Judged by SteFan Sinko from Slovenia, El Viento took note excellent place 1/3, Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed! Congratulation!!
El Viento is after our Adora Theogonia and Dor Jasenky!
On the picture, El Viento as a 6 weeks old puppie!!
Good news!! Good news!!

Saturday, 20.07.2013 ebony DIABLO Theogonia Black (Aghra Theogonia x Ataman Duma Kazana) take 2nd place on Lesny Zkousky (Forest Work Exam) with 240 points and diploma I'st degree!!
We surveyed some Tadzio and Cid during pre-season for ducks, and also started slowly in water exercises, including beavers in the reeds and bring in kind:
Hunting season for ducks getting closer, so everyone is slowly begin serious work with the dog. No different is the case with Tadzio and Cyd. Below are some photos of the exercises:
With the dog on vacation? Absolutely! At every step, I am convinced that Freya-my darling from the last litter Aghra could not find a house, where she would be better treated and more loved-Freya participating in almost every day lives of her owners. And so, this summer Freya with the owners visited High Tatras (on the Slovak side of the Tatras). Below are some photos:
A typical day with dogs:
At the International Dog Show took part of our girls - that is, Ellis and Ira. To be honest, it was a wildly successful day on which I was pleasantly surprised many times - especially, when first time I heard the words from the judge (T.Chwalny) - " she has such beautiful, typical for that breed topline!."

Topline of Spinoni, breed still quite exotic in Poland, is still a matter of simply the "secret knowledge". Spinoni, unlike most breeds of pointing dogs, do not have a straight line or sloping top, but without going into the ins and outs of building Spinoni here the results our girls:

Stannamore CONTESSA LISA ALICIA "Ellis"- dosk1, CWC, CACIB, BOB!

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

ILARIA dalla Valle del reno- dosk,1, CWC, res.CACIB!

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

ps. For the doubters, who can be surprised my joy, the appreciation of the values of spinone-most popular name for my Ellis in that day was: "awfully strange that briard ..." Hmmm ...

Several news for one day? And why not?

At the beginning - at the National Dog Show in Gorzow Wielkopolski was presented in junior class ELFIN Theogonia Black. Elfin has obtained excellent results, yielding note excellent, Junior Winner, Best Junior - ending the Polish Junior Champion. He was also, of course, BOB. Unfortunately, in the finals of Group VII Elfin could not be, but surely he will affect the other day! Congratulations!
Now some new photos-first- black Eira, who lives in Spain, then ticked b Cora, and the youngest of the company-Frey, who already diligently practiced the autumn of competitions:

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

And by the way photos of Freya- well, the little baggage probably inherited hers temper after the mother - and almost the same as Aghra she pushing everywhere, and nothing is terrible for her. It would seem that only a man can say that everything in life you have to try, but as you can see, saying it can also refer to the dog:
Happy Birthday for our first "A " litter! The all now are 7 years old- how this time flies!!

Dużo zdrówka, miłości, szalonych spacerów u boku ludzkich i psich przyjaciół i długiego życia u boku swych właścicieli

It would seem, that three strong males could not live together in harmony in one herd. But our dogs: Camio, Gianni and Hunter prove that this theory is not always true. This day, during an expedition on Leźnica Wielka water reservoir, together ravaging the fields, swamps and reeds - flood in Leźnica is one of the few places today where we could go ahead and let the dogs in the reeds without fear of disturbing the ducks and their adolescent offspring:
Happy Birthday for "C" litter!

Elfin -Ego vacation time spend at the see:
When 10-month Ellis came to us from Germany in October 2011, the swimming was her taboo - of course, she liked to wade in the water at the shore, but the most watched Gianni and Ira, instead of joining them. We came to the conclusion that she will breaks in "her" time..

And we have right-this year's spring made a few hot days, it was like the middle of summer. We took the opportunity and we took almost all of our herd in the flood in Sokolniki Las, where the water is not deep and the descent to it is mild. And Ellis, watching races pointers in the water, checked the limits of hers courage. A few photos of these trials and follies of the remaining stock below:
From that day on, Ellis is the biggest fan of the work in the water - she is fast, determined i .. she doesn't want to leave the water. With great enthusiasm retrive out of the water and gives to us. A similar desire to retrieve characterized by our pointers and bright Ira:
News pictures of BELAYA Theogonia Black:
New, freshly pictures of females from our litters I received from Barbora, Jana and Zuzana. Cora, Fleur and Freya live in the Czech Republic, and there they urgent work and learn. The fact is, that they have a great passion, however, it becomes of secondary importance in the face of great owners that these females have - thanks to them, all the best, what is in these girls comes to light - great character and a great desire to work with people and to learn.
CORA Theogonia Black
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

FREYA Theogonia Black
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Filia Theogonia Black-daughter of our crazy Aghra and Basco vom Osterberg- has had her first exhibition. Filia, at home called Taiga, took part in the National Dog Show in Kalisz, where she received a perfect score - excellent, Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed, starting at the same time Polish Junior Champion.

Good luck and congratulations for the future!
At the same show, in the champion class was presented Cyrus Theogonia Black, who received excellent and CAC. Owner and Cyrus, who as a puppy stole my heart, congratulations.

For all E-kurzhaars and their owners I wish all the best birthday wishes!

Freya (Aghra x Basco vom Osterberg) are still busy:
National Dog Show for Huntings dogs in Antoninek. There was ELFIN Theogonia, who take his first big winning- taking titles- Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed,Best of breed and IV place on BIS juniors!
Freya and Susan are not idle, and then went to work and training. Although the truth is that Susan just likes to work with Frey seeing it as a great enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, we took our dogs flock to the pond. Kurzhaars-it's standard already- madness came over the water and they taken competition in the race to cast kind. Our spinone initially survived the shock of looking at this "rage", but for the moment, they joined to the race with great enthusiasm opt for fun in the water:
I think all of us have sometimes silly ideas, which later greatly regretted. This was the case of our dogs at the World's Fair. Although the idea of Tom I accepted at the beginning of the great enthusiasm, the closer you were to show, the more I was reluctant this escapade. Only comforted to see the sights of Budapest. And what happened? The closer the date of the exhibition, including more and more problems began to appear: and it's a lot of responsibility at work, and the car broken and then the way it turned out that the GPS refuses to cooperate and scrupulously avoids all highway. But we arrived, and I stopped regret that we took part in this exhibition.

Our kennel was represented by three kurzhaars: two black and white brothes Camio and Cid, which were presented in the working class (very frequently wagered), and Diablo -ebony boy- showing in open class. On this show, was presented more than 80 dogs of deutsch kurzhaar..

All four dogs showed up perfectly both the exterior and good character. German Judge Horst Kliebenenstein, which judge kurzhaars, very carefully evaluate each dog, measuring them, by checking the teeth, the tail, the movement and static. Many dogs were nervous and too little ring did not facilitate the assessment. Our dogs remained almost stoic calm and thus: Cyd and Camio received excellent, Diablo and additionally placed on deposit 4/12.

Camio Theogonia Black

Cyd Theogonia Black

Diablo Theogonia Black

The Spinone Italiano ring presented to our Ellis - Stannamore CONTESSA LISA ALICIA . Ellunia, as we call her, was quickly discouraged by long waiting but with her elegant movement also secured the 4th place in hers class. Spinone evaluate the judge Barbara Muller (CH)

So, the exhibition thus can be considered a successful ...!

And we just were unable to visit Budapest, but we met a lot of well and lesser known friends, watched the dogs of the leading breedings in the world. Below I include videos of the ring kurzhaars together with our dogs, and pictures of Ellis.


While we competed in worlds rings , the Czech fields hers debut has - 9 month Freya Theogonia Black. She has participated in Zkouskach Vloh, which took place in the village Přepychy, Freya amazed the judges with your enthusiasm and a good nose, yielding 223/228 points and diploma, finally placing it on the second deposit. Congratulations on your excellent result.
Couple pictures taking in our garden:
8 month FREYA Theogonia Black, daughter of our Aghry Theogonia & Basco vom Osterberg still practice and hard working in the field, learning obedience, kind and respect animals. She's doing better, but still there are times when the passion is stronger. However, that gives confident, that her work stems from the passion and willingness to cooperate, and not to be compelled to consistently "perfect" fill-in orders only.

During Junior Trials for pointing dogs in Łomia, near Mława city, ESTERA Theogonia Black led by Thomas Wiński, very well represented our kennel-Theogonia Black and the work which Thomas put in her training and... she won! Esthera received the maximum number of points which is 100/100 and a diploma I degree! The owners and trainer congratulate!
Living so close to the Łódź and being recorded breeding in the lokal branch, would be a sin not to report our dogs at the May international exhibition. By the way, I had to expose female from our friend- Chloe -Korthals-or, rather, Lightning, as we call it. But Chloe likes to show his temper-and end the end, in the ring shewas presented by Daria Zblewska, the owner of a lovely Honda Zielona Brda, who visited us in these last days of the long weekend.

We are very glad to meet again Mr.Remigius, who came with her daughter to present Elfin in the junior class, the son of Adora and Dora Jasenky. By the way, I'd like some of this handsome ebony tell-Elfin grew up in the beautiful representative of his breed: a big, strong and powerful dog, with a wonderful and spectacular move, very presentable and great peace. It has an excellent top line, excellent wear your long tail on the back line, not craning it up.
ELFIN Theogonia Black - excellent, place I, Junior Winner

"Ira" long waiting for their turn to present the ring as the last-pointer, closing bid submitted for the exhibition of dogs of Group VII. However, on the exhibition was a lot of her fans who have waited until the end to see her moving in the ring. Ira perfectly finds her self in the role - her move is smooth, soft and elastic, which makes it looks very impressive.
ILARIA dalla Valle del Reno - excellent, I place, CAC, CACIB, BOB

At the same time, Thomas of Hunter joined the contest called Zkousky Vloh. This was our test of the two men. Zkousky vloh is a basic operation in the Czech competition setter, which is necessary to obtain a permit to work in the field. This competition, as a counterpart to german competitions Derby, is required to join the IKP. ZV include working in the field, obedience to the game, the reaction shot and evaluation collar and wind. In those zkousky also participated Diablo Theogonia Black with Ludek Muller. Both dogs- Diabo and Hunter finally yielding I degree diplomas and places-for Diablo III, and VI for the Hunter.
At the National Dog Show in Manowo was presented DAVINA Theogonia Black, daughter of Aghra and Ataman Duma Kazana. Davina dominated as usual showed up beautifully to provide excellent, 1st place and CAC:
From the big world, we hear reports about last year's puppies of Aghra and Adora. In the Czech Republic Freya Theogonia Black took part in the breeding survey obtains excellent assessment and the following description: "height 59 cm, light brown eyes, scissor bite, complete, quiet character. Deep in chest and very good forechest. On the neck a little loose skin. Very nicely shaped head. "

But this is nice information is not the end. Have a look at several photos of Freya, demonstrating their readiness for future competitions and working on hunting. Freya is now less than eight months:
Meanwhile in Spain, black Eira Theogonia Black diligently working alongside Rafael learning new skills and becoming an even better companion in the field:
Club show should be for every self-respecting breeder almost sacred event. There are many other opportunities to see the ring on one wonderful representatives of the breed. We are trying to raise our dogs on exhibition almost every year, if only we have the opportunity. Club Show in Wroclaw left in us but slight disgust.

The exhibition was very well organized and planned. The organizer made sure that the breeding competitions emerged as the largest number of dogs. Thus, our black herd has also been presented. Our kennel was represented by six dogs with a black coat and black roan: CAMIO, CYD, CYRUS, DIABLO, DONAR and ELFIN. We would like to thank the owners of these wonderful dogs for participation in the exhibition and representation of our culture. The six dogs showed breeding performing in competitions: best stud and the best breeding bitch that the direction we are in the breeding is appropriate.

Used for breeding stud and track Dor Jasenka with Stipek occupied first and second place in the competition, while our Adora Theogonia as the best breeding female was on the second place. All presented in our breeding dogs got excellent grades in the exhibition, although not all of the records was for us to understand (eg, identify powerful Cami-strong male with a delicate bone)

The "club show" were also presented our female Spinone Italiano Ellis Stannamore CONTESSA Lisa ALICIA, which assessed against the Portuguese judge Pedro Luis Sanches Delerue-acquired Club Winner and Best of Breed.


Best stud male:

Best breeding female:

Best breeding group

Junior class- ELFIN Theogonia Black

Open class: DIABLO & DONAR Theoonia Black

Working class: CAMIO Theogonia Black

Champion Class : CYRUS & CYD Theogonia Black

Spinone Italiano- "Ellis"- Stannamore CONTESSA LISA ALICIA

I havn't shown photos of "my" chocolate Falco, who lived with the new owners very close to us. Recently, however, we were able to meet with Eva and Paul and their children, and I had the opportunity to marvel at my favorite. Falco is becoming a very proportionate dog with a beautiful shade of brown hair, amber eyes, and a typical for Osterberg bloodline-distinctive look. Falco is characterized by a very courageous character, putting their owners neatly requirements at home changing the cuddly toy for children who idolizes and willingly shares with them their own toys. We soon discovered what is his nose, and because he lives in the area rich in game, quite often it is used, slowly practicing with the owner for future hunts.

Below I include quite a lot of photos of handsome, which include quite a period of time-actually almost since the day he left us until today:

Is spring finally came to us? I think so-snow almost all melted, and the branches of trees and ivy that grows around them begin to surf the birds and squirrels. The most sociable and willing to photograph a knife and red squirrels, but I hope that soon I can hunt with a camera and industrious woodpeckers, and yellow orioles and brazenly provocative our dogs breakers and jays, for entertaining at the beautiful singing.

Another pictures of our baby: Freya Theogonia Black who leads a very active lifestyle:

I invite you to watch the cutscene showing the work of young Freya Theogonia Black, who had the task of finding lost retrive. This little girl is doing well, and I really enjoyed when I hear from the owners good things about her behavior, enthusiasm and passion to work.

New pictures of Filia after Aghra and Basco vom Osterberg:
I have no idea how it happened - not planning to in the near future any exhibitions with our dogs ... I volunteered Hunter's two-day exhibition in. The effect of this exhibition was entirely satisfactory us, and my respect for Hunter grew with every moment-that hard working dog could very well find in every situation (he liked sleeping in a hotel bed), and each new person he was greeted with great joy like an old friend from years ago. The exhibitions (the first day of vote by Judge Margaret Lorenc, the second and by Dorota Witkowska) Hunter ran out excellent grades and two CWC Polish Champion, and in this way, yet only one exhibition separates it from obtaining Polish Champion. I suppose I will run after him with his usual joy!

This time, instead of photo-video from the first day of the exhibition:
Tadeusz, as a newly minted hunter not idle, and every spare moment he used to go hunting with Cydem by his side. This time, Tadeusz along with Tomek roamed our hunting grounds, although this time the game wasn't fine too. Well, you do not always have to shoot the gun, sometimes just camera is enought:
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano
A few photos of Bregon, the proud son of Czama and Ataman training to contest the forthcoming BTR we received from Francine:
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano
New pictures of Freya and Fleur. Both girls are living in Czech Republic::

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano
Fleur with Basco:
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano
Donar Theogonia Black on National Dog Show in Gdańsk: excellent 1, CAC
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano
Black Fauna went already to her new home in Spain:
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano
Davina Theogonia Black on National Dog Show in Mielno- excellent 1, CAC
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano
New pictures of Ereafter Adora and Dor Jasenky :
wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

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