The best for last days of year!

Planned Litter - March, 2015!!

Father : Finnone AMARCORD

Very promissing litter after elegant and with hudge achivements Ecco and our Ellis- girl with a hunting spark!

Double Vilnius (Lithuania) CACIB!

HAGEN Theogonia Black: note very promissing, 2x Best Puppy

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

GERMAN Theogonia Black: note: excellent, Ist place, 2x Best Junior!

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Foto by: Rasa Rugiada, Jolanta Bagdonaite


wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Happy Birthday for all "D" puppies!!

Official Diploma for Donar Theogonia Black, who this year become a Polish Champion of Work!

National Dog Show- Legionowo:
HEBAN "Luka" Theogonia Black- note excellent, 2nd place.

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Our Spinoni girls had their hips x-rayed and the results are perfect!

ILARIA dalla Valle del Reno- HD-A
Stannamore CONTESSA LISA ALICIA- Ellis- HD-A!!

A little late news but so most important:
DONAR Theogonia Black (son of Aghra & ataman duma Kazana):
17.09.2014, Field Trial Bruntal (Czech Rep) --1 ECC, CAC, CACIT
18.09.2014, Field TrialT Bruntal (Czech rep) -- 2 ECC, res. CAC, res. CACIT
28.09.2014, International Field Trial Tarnów name of K. Tarnowski--

Donar finnished Polish Work Championship and started International Work Championship!

Sunday morning- What could be more pleasant than the company of our dogs?

It was an extraordinary day. Meeting of fantastic dogs, breeders, owners, hunters and others fascinated by dogs. Thank you to the organizers for such a warm welcome and well done on the great event. See you next year!

Hern Theogonia Black- That young man growing up with an experienced Diablo Theogonia Black, carefully study networks with no problem beating challenges. He is patient, calm, and each task is performed with -niesłychanym peace. Below are some videos and photos from his daily exercise. his work, you need to appriciate this- after all, it's only 5 months youngster:

Heera, doughter of Aghra and Hunter is growing... and looks fabulous! Here, yu can see her pics when she is 5 months old:

New kids... in the water. Water play of Heera, Ganga and Gandhi:

News pictures of our 7 weeks old puppies:














GRYF Theogonia Black- 3 months old puppy- during first pen pointing training:

Puppies from H Litter during their play in our garden:

And below- some portraits:

Waiting for new home:

  HAGEN                            HAYLEE                            HARESH   


  HECTOR                            HIDALGO                            HERN   

  HEERA                            HADRIA                            HARIKA   

  HADES                            HEBAN   

31.05.2014 - 1.06.2014
Cora preparing to field contest and upcoming docks season:

FREYA Theogonia Black on Deutsch Kurzhaar Club Show in Czech Republic Kutna Hora.

Judge: Vaclav Koldinsky (CZ)
Note: excellent, res.CAC,2/12, qualification for breeding.

Our garden in this beautiful spring:

Our eleven team finished their fort week- in this occasion- a mini photosession!:


HECTOR - avaible for new home

HADES - avaible for new home

HERN - avaible for new home

HAGEN - avaible for new home

HEBAN - avaible for new home

HARESH - avaible for new home

HIDALGO - avaible for new home


HEERA - reserved

HAYLEE - avaible for new home

HARIKA - reserved

HADRIA - avaible for new home

Few more pictures of our crazy babies after Adora- They doo not fear anything, no noise, no monster is not scary to them .. and adult dogs need to run before that 7 terrorists. Grew out of them really brave kids!

In the meantime-all seven was revised to the animal in the Kennel Club, where every puppy has gained a tattoo in the left ear.

Six years ago we welcomed our second litter of Czama: Bregona, Belay, Brenda, Bella Mia, Harrow, Bela and Bona. Moments spent with them were memorable - now they live for many years with their families and we hope to give them a lot of joy!

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Adora children ended last Monday 6 weeks - vaccinated for the first time, they enter slowly into the next stage - when they consciously and courageously explore our land, hooking adult dogs .. and upsetting Gianni grabbing him by the beard. Poor Gianni - his fate already such that the pups from each litter are next to be equally fascinated!

Look at the pictures in almost perfectly developed poses:

GERMAN - avaible for new home


GORDON- avaible for new home





In this Easter, spring time Aghra decidet to donate 11 screaming little dragons.There are born 7males and 4 females. Aghra is wonderful mother- very conscientiously and with great dedication involved in puppies - and she has indeed a lot of work-the whole crew inherited power from daddy!

Zainteresowanych posiadaniem szczenięcia z tego skojarzenia zapraszamy do kontaktu.

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Puppies from Adora grow and learn new experience. Because the weather began to be more and more beautiful and the sun is shining- our little proteges can longer remain outside and I have to admit, that all this new places they like a lot!

Almost every puppy have own future home- but German is still waiting! For more info, please contact us:!

New pictures of Edda Theogonia Black, almost 2 years old female after Adora and Dor Jasenky:

It seems, that it was so long ago, when a small black toddler came to live with us- and now just passed 10 years. Czama proved to be the perfect dog with big heart, great minds and great passion forhunting. In two litters, she gave us great sixteen puppies, which grow up, to be perfectly presenting exhibitions and competitions but also excellent companions in life. In addition- she bravely helped with litters her daughters Adora and Ahra sometimes serving even her own. mamma. I hope that our "Mother of Tribe" will have long life with us. Czama- lots of joy and health!

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Field Contest for young dogs chceck their passion for hunting- in Poland, every dog, who have to be breeding in the future must participate in it. In this year his field work started EL VIENTO- stsrted year very well- he pass the test with Ist degree. I warmly congratulate this result!

Two handsome males from last litter after Adora and Bayard spod Agatov are still waiting for new, resposibile home- both boys exhibit a curious character, really great courage and.. really big.. appetite.

Below some pics of both boys:



Kids from "G" litter grow in the eyes- they are already 29 days old and they are everywhere- although they still not feel very confident on their feet. But they feel the strength of mischief so strong.

GORDON - avaible for new home

GERMAN - avaible for new home

GANDHI - reserved

GRYF - reserved

GAURI - reserved

GANGA - reserved

GEMMA - reserved

The newest pictures of FREYA Theogonia Black, daughter of our Aghra Theogonia and Basco vom Osterberg:

And by the way-we expect a litter after ebony Aghra and imported from Czech Republic to our kennel- Hunter ze Stipek. We expect puppies in all combinations of coat colours, and of course- full of life, passion and willingness to cooperate as their parents!

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Today started 3rd week of life our puppies... and brings first deworming:

Our puppies are now 13 days- they grow and become more and more busy. Their life is governed by nose- they rise head and looking for food. Although they are getting harder to keep the hand-I have some new images . Here they are:


GORDON - avaible, looking for new home

GANDHI - avaible, looking for new home

GERMAN - avaible, looking for new home

GRYF - reserved


GAURI - reserved

GANGA - reserved

GEMMA - reserved

Our youngest generation of Theogonia Black dogs is already five days old and gaining weight.All of them are strong and well able to locate "the source of food". All also have been given names, which are traditionally associated with mythologies of the world. Although the choice is uo to us, the new owner can always turn to the dog, according to his own will.


GAURI - reserved

GANGA - reserved

GEMMA - reserved


GERMAN - looking for new home

GORDON - looking for new home

GANDHI - looking for new home

GRYF - reserved

All interested about our babies, please contact us!

In our kennel puppies ware born! It's our already 7th litter!
We are pleased to announce, that today were born seven puppies of Deutsch Kurzhaar: 3 girls and 4 boys. Happy parents are Adora and Bayard spod Agatov. Puppies are looking wonderful and feeling great. Adora already fitted in care of the puppies, seems to embraced by a great passion for her kids.

All interested about our babies, please contact us!

After a few weeks of marvelous, almost spring-like, winter weather has decided to visit us. for a variety. So we have plenty of snow, frost nips at your nose, and the wind sometimes wants to grab the peeled routes, but our rough spinoni is absolutely not scary. By drifts and obstacles they go without resistance, and behind them followed Camio. Some photos from our last walk I enclose below:

Few new pictures dogs from our kennel:

Adora & Camio:

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano


wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano


wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano


wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano

Freya, who lives near Nachod (Czech Rebublic) not idle- thanks to her owners, she regularly participates in hunting, improving her field work, nose and passion. This is much useful to her in the coming season work competition! We have some photos and even few short films:


Last Year was for our kennel full of many successes, such as show and breeding and in working fields area in Poland and abroad. Dogs from our breeding, and dogs, who are part of our kennel participated in lots of Dog Shows and working competitions. I will try to how you all these achivements below.

In last 2013 year were presented twelve dogs from our kennel from different litters and also our two females of spinoni italiani and one mele of Deutsch Kurzhaar, who came 1,5 half year ago to us.
Outside participation in national and international dog show, kennel Theogonia Black was repreented in very important for every breeder Club Show for Group VII and at World Dog Show, and slso in Leipzig, where dog can obtain title Leipzig Winner, VDH Sieger and German Winner too.

Our alumni were perfectly presented even in testing the utility , obtained first end second degree, and occupying leading positions, and so:

DIABLO participated in competitions in the Czech Republic obtained:

Zkousky Vloh- Ist degree (field test)
Memotial Richarda Sramka (PZ+SZVP)- Ist degree (field/water test + special water exam)
Specialni Zkousky z Vodni prace- Ist degree (special water exam)
Lesni Zkousky- Ist degree ( forest exam)
Memorial Jitki Hromadovej- Ist degree
Vsestranne Zkousky Oharu- Ist degree (all round exam)

DONAR Theogonia Black uczestniczył w Międzynarodowych FT:

Międzynarodowe Field Trials- II st, molto bene
Międzynarodowe Field Trials- I st, eccellente
Międzynarodowe Field Trials- I st, eccellente
Miedzynarodowe Field Trials- Ist, CPC, eccellente
Polski Champion Pracy (rozpoczęty)

FREYA Theogonia Black participated in the Czech Pardubice in the Memorial Josefa Luxe, graduating degree, 208/220 points and finally-4th place

EDDA, ESTERA, BRANCH, the youngest in the kennel, participated in the T.A.N with a great result and the Ist degree and the first place.

Here are the photos of our wonderful pointers representation:

Litter "C" (F: Tor ze Stipek, M: Adora Theogonia)

CYD Theogonia Black:

CAMIO Theogonia Black:

CYRUS Theogonia Black:

Litter "D" (F: Ataman Duma Kazana, M: Aghra Theogonia)

DIABLO Theogonia Black:

DONAR Theogonia Black:

DAVINA Theogonia Black:

Litter "E" (F: Dor Jasenky, M: Adora Theogonia)

EDDA Theogonia Black:

EL VIENTO Theogonia Black:

ELFIN Theogonia Black:

Litter "F" (F: Basco vom Osterberg, M: Adora Theogonia)

FREYA Theogonia Black:

FILIA Theogonia Black:

FLEUR Theogonia Black:

Other dogs living in the kennel:

HUNTER ze Stipek:

Spinone Italiano


ILARIA Dalla Valle del Reno:

wyżeł niemiecki, spinone italiano:

Archiwum: 2013

Archiwum: 2012

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